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Connecting in a dynamic and fun group setting is one of my absolute favorite things to do!  I have enjoyed teaching groups as small as ten attendees and as large as four hundred.  Everyone from moms of preschoolers and Interior designers to the National Association of Professional Organizers and the US Department of Labor.  There is something special about the energy of being in a room with people who share the same challenges and have the same goals.

By far, my favorite part of each presentation, no matter the size or type of audience is the sigh of relief I hear and feel when they all realize that it’s not “just them.”  There is a magic quality that happens when a room full of people are able to release sometimes years of embarrassment.  When they begin to understand that there are predictable and understandable ’causes’ of disorganization.  As well as solutions.

Helping people to understand the true causes of their disorganization has been my passion from the beginning.  A decade of clients has taught me to look a little deeper.  I love containers and gadgets as much as the next person.  But if those things are what fixed disorder, we wouldn’t have four thousands Professional Organizers across the country and a 7 billion dollar a year industry.  At some point, we instinctively know that it’s not just about space planning and labels.  That we have to dig a little deeper to effect real change.

Every group is different.  But one thing every attendee, as well as every client I have ever coached has had in common is this……..The desire for simplicity.  The need for peace.  The yearning for an office or home that welcomes them through the door with a restful, rejuvenating and beautiful place to walk into.  If you will…..Calm…..amidst all the Chaos.

Speaking to people and teaching them how to create Calm in their lives is one of the reasons I was put on this planet!

Teri Lynn


Deanne B

“You were very inspiring on the “Ask the Organizer Panel. Thanks!”

Sally A

“You have provided us with your skills, your unbridled passion and your example of commitment.”

Denise S

I enjoyed your presentation last evening so much!! I came home and immediately cleared my desk of the piles of papers that I just couldn’t seem to get organized!”

Linda C

“You were an inspiration. In fact, I spent 2 hours on my office last night!”

Past Presentations

Department of Labor Women's Bureau

Sun Microsystems

National Association of Professional Organizers

Denver Design Center

Kitchen and Bath Association of Colorado