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 Struggling to Get Organized?


  • Have you read all the books?

  • Bought all the containers?

  • Tried all the tips?

    ……still not organized?

 You’ve found the right Coach

Teri Lynn Wilkins

Organizing Coach

It’s not about containers and getting rid of stuff.

That statement might scare you a little.  If you have read organizing books, tried all the popular methods for getting organized, purchased the latest gadgets and containers, gotten rid of more stuff than you can remember and you still struggle with disorganization…that sentence might stir up some fear.  But, I imagine that it also resonates.  Truth always speaks to us somewhere deep inside.

The truth, is that disorganization is like every other challenge that manifests in life. It’s often just a symptom of something a little deeper.  Without understanding the real causes, you keep attempting to clean it up, only to be disappointed once again when it returns.

Have you struggled with disorganization for years?  Do you carry shame and embarrassment about it?  Do you feel like something is “wrong” with you?  Worse, do you feel somehow inadequate compared to other “organized” people you know?  If so, then you share the same feelings that everyone I have ever worked with has felt.

I want to free you of that embarrassment by helping you to understand WHY you are challenged in this area.  Because life is too short to be carrying around any embarrassment or ‘less than feelings’ about not being organized.  It’s something to fix, for certain.  Life is not meant to be lived in chaos.  But it is also an opportunity to see more deeply into yourself and your life.  Disorganization shows you (in physical form) what parts of you need to be changed and healed.

Your “stuff” says a lot about you. It illuminates choices you have made, habits you have, behaviors, your lifestyle and unresolved fears.  It shows where you may be stuck and where there may be emotions that need to be processed and released.  Like any other challenge in our life, disorganization shows you where change needs to occur in order for you to lead the life you are meant to live.

Teri Lynn

Are you too far away or too embarrassed to have me come to your house? Not to worry! I can coach you virtually! Visit the "work with me page" for details!


“I applaud you Teri Lynn. You were a remarkable leader who took a daunting organizing task and made it look easy.”

Patty M.

“Thank you so much for working with me, listening to me, laughing with me and supporting me these last few months.”

Diane N

“Your kindness, strength and wisdom has been so significant in our lives.”

Sherri R

“…I actually got to reap the benefits of my filing system. I needed a birth certificate, a warranty deed and shot records. All I had to do was open the drawer and there it was. It was exquisite!”

Lynne S

“Your objectivity, ability to ask just the right questions, explore possibilities and design systems is superb.”

Ann R.

“Thank you for helping to make our home beautiful again. Thank you for your love, kindness, generosity and for just being you.”

MaryAnn B

“I feel a lot better, more efficient and more professional. It really does pay to hire someone who has expertise in a certain area!”

Amy K

“Our house went under contract after just 12 days on the market! Thank you for your professionalism, your great charm and spirit and your tremendous help. Thank you for EVERYTHING!”

Therapists work from the inside out. I work from the outside in.

— Teri Lynn